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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Online Shopping for girls

Anyway, for girls who interested in online shopping, do visit this website.

For guys, be patient... Owner of the website said she is about to update the website with guy's clothing.. :D

This website provide variety type of cloths and fashions with a reasonable price...

Otherwise, visit the retail shop which is CatBit Boutique at Sungei Wang Plaza or Berjaya Times Square include Refresh, Cova, Gazebo, Moment, Myth and I Boutique...


Bangkok Jazz Thai Bistro

20 Nov 09, Friday

Get invited by my kai ma to Bangkok Jazz bistro at Chulan square to watch the performance of local band, Common Ground, which 1 of my kai ma's relative is the drummer of the band.
Seriously, this is the 1st time I hear about this band. Lols, No idea how glamour are they..

It is located nearby Pavilion KL..

Well, environment of this bistro isn't big, but is quite chilling inside there and is suitable for people who wanted to drink and enjoying the musics. But if wanted to chit chat in there, I guess no.. LOL.

This is what to be used to design the bar. Lol..

Well, at first I'm feeling freaking boring,sitting next to my sister, she also stunning since she is 1st time going to this kind of place. Haha...
Guess what, I'm ordering Green Apple Fizz!! This must be kidding me when I looking at those Carlsberg bottles while I'm drinking other thing =.=

Can you see my 'like very enjoy' look?
Next to me that fella is my kai ma's nephew, well, I don't even have 1 word of conversation with him. Haha.. Whatever!

Anyway, I couldn't found any information about this Common Ground but I guess their perfoming not very bad, and I'm interested towards their pianist who called Bell Foo =.=
Same surname.. Muahaha.. She is goddamn gorgeous while she is playing the piano and wearing a full white dress. OMFG...
And her singing is very good especially when she is singing "Kiss Me" by don't know who, and Wen Rou by Mayday..
Holy Christ!! Stop talking about her. Haha...

And so, the drummer I've mention earlier on who is my kai ma's relative, He is playing the drum not bad too and he so called Bernard Kam, anyone know him? Lols..

Bernard Kam is the guy at the right. He is my kai ma niece's husband.

Later on, my mom and the gang include kai ma started their crazy thing when they started to talk very loud, dance and singing. LOL
And after that, the MC pull kai ma to the stage and singing Peng You by Emil Chau.. *applause* to kai ma..
That song used to be sang by kai ma when there is any meeting, dinner or party.. And then all the friends, which is those uncle and aunty include my mom will sing along. =.=

After sitting for so long, then mom's friend hand me a cup of beer :)
Good job la uncle...
After first cup, then 2, and then 3......

Yea, is this man... and he is showing me his China made phone, called NCKIA.. Haha! WTF?
Is better if its Nokai, but Nckia?
I guess the phone is only for CB Kia la.. Hahaha...
Yes, that man is a CB Kia..

My mom is getting tipsy... Can see through her eyes. Lol

Can you believe that I'm dancing with my mom, kai ma and other aunty? Goddamn, I'm a whore. Lols
But seriously they are all fucking sporting. I guess is they pull me and dance with them =.=
Even my kai ma said "this is the 1st time I hanging out and dance with my kai zai"

She is drunk.... Please don't make up so thick la mom. Haha... It's obvious.

God, she is hugging me so tight. Love you kai ma..

I can't stop looking at the Chivas in the cabinet.. :D Is better than beer okay..

So, after move move shake shake and drop, what my mommy said "Is time to leave"
So before leaving, Camwhore awhile.. Haha

Overall is quite fun but is better having party with mua peeps. Haha
And I can't believe my mom will drunk on that night...

Happy Birthday, my buddy..

19 Nov 09, Thursday

Happy Birthday to Ah Wong and Jie Jong...
Well, having the birthday celebration for both of them at Midah Oldtown..
But I feel like is more to celebrating Wong's birthday since the birthday song also sing to Wong only I guess =.=

BTW, I guess Ah Yap won't mind also since he is spending his big day with his loved 1.. :D
Congratulations for getting a new phone la bro.. Haha..

I realized we used to sit on the same table everytime we are celebrating birthday at Oldtown. Haha


The birthday boys.. I said they seems like a couple who celebrating 1st year anniversary :p Ai meh....

They should hold each other's hand and using only 1 knife lo.. Look more sweet I guess.

I guess this photo not bad gua.. Since you look so tough in here.. Haha..

And....... the fella who is always quiet and only know eat....

Yes! Is him!! Diam diam ubi berisi..

After celebrate their birthday, heading to Fireball with Jie Jong and Vinz.. Power pack la us..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012 [We Were Warned]

14 Nov 09, Saturday

Received message from Kin Weng, ajak breakfast at Lot 10's newly opening food court.
Couldn't make it because wake up late and still at Jie Jong's house. Lol..
So meet up with him and Shi Kai at Pavilion around 1 pm.

Since they ate already, so I settle my first meal at KFC, fast food is fast enough. :D
While eating, I being suspect by both of them! I don't wanna say what they're suspecting but it ain't true with what they're suspecting. You guys are fucking douche! Hahaha
After KFC, move the Starbucks pulak.
It's not my cup of tea. I don't like coffee. Don't know enjoy.
While they enjoying their drinks, suddenly feel like it is still goddamn early, since 4 pm only watch movie at Cheras Leisure Mall with the rest, Haha..
What again???
Pool... =.=
Aiyoyo... Can't live without playing pool already is it? So headed to Fireball. Mr. Yow is joining. 4 of us playing for about 1 hour then rush to Leisure Mall

, why is it so jam on around Leisure Mall and the parking is full =.=
I wondering why and at last I know, is because 2012! There are many showtime at Leisure Mall and is a fucking long queue.. It's unbelievable this is happen at Leisure Mall. Haha.
Started to nervous because I look at my watch and is 4 pm sharp. I still looking for parking.
At last, saw 1 space at the road side which actually isn't a parking lot, but who cares! Its Saturday and I guess that space only can fit my car :p

Meet up with the rest in front of GSC. There are 10 of us include Yik Ysin. Lets consider as William's gf okay? Lol.
Thanks Wan Ting who get to bought the ticket for current Hot movie, 2012...

Shit, we were quite late that we miss the beginning part of the movie.
The hall is farking full. I thought many people will not watch this movie because they can't accept what will be happen to us in the future, or maybe in year 2012.. Lols

Does it really will happen in the 21 Dec 2012?
Actually I always wondering that because it seems quite true after I see this quote, First, the Mayan calendar predicted it...Now, science has confirmed it...but we never imagined it could really happen.. Haha
What you'll do? What you'll say??
Well, I still got a lot of thing haven't do in my life, so I guess I'll die with bunch of regrets. hahahaha.
After all, this movie is nice but doesn't impress me much because I feel the end part is quite fake.
Is it that highly technology ship exist? Are they developing in real life now? Lols..
I thought the end of the world means there is no humans are alive?
As Yow said, "I hate this movie because it got a happy ending"
Lols! He said not nice because there is still people alive =.=

I love the part when Jackson driving the limousine and escaping from the collapse of ground and buildings. Its fucking cool but of course, it is truly fake =.= I don't think it is so cool in real life.
Limo will became a pancake if this is happen in real life.
Anyway, I hope this day will not come so soon..
Halleluyah.. Appreciate every moment you're having now, especially with people that you love.

So after the movie, went to dinner at Kaki Corner. Sizzling Black Pepper Chicken :)
Shi Kai and Kin Weng starts fooling around with some japanese term.. Lols!
Speechless about that.
After dinner, Pool session AGAIN!!
What I can say is we're fucking crazy.
Suprisingly, CKC is joining us. He played very well. Haha

Okla, after playing pool, I'm exhausted, I wanted to back home while the rest heading to cyber cafe =.=
They're nuts!
That's all for my Saturday.. I used to love Saturday :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michael Jackson's Tribute. He made my day with 'This Is It'

11 Nov 09, Wednesday

As usual waking up in the morning went to college, today just late for 20 minutes. *applause* for myself. Haha, but actually I'm still feeling sleepy.
Once enter the class, I just sat down and doing nothing while my friends they all are doing tutorial work =.=
I keep thinking about the presentation at 1.30 pm. My group members and I are not well prepared yet, but thanks to Weng Kit that he finished up the slide for presentation and at least there are something to present for the class.

But guess what, with the bad preparation and quite bad presentation, the lecturer said that my group gave the best presentation after all. LOL.. I stunned for awhile, I was like "omg, are she serious? She did lend her eyes and ears to us?"
Well, she was great, she did made a comment for every group.
For my group, she said "the presentation was good, starting from introduction and so on, the data and information was good, because you include the chart and statistic. And the data is updated which you all did put effort to find information for year 2009. Lastly, you all can answer the question that I asked"
Woohooo, big clap for Weng Kit, although he is so quiet from the day 1 I knew him, but I know he is more than that. Lol..

Anyway, my college organized "YPC Idol" again =.= Oh shit...
I hope I can get to watch the audition. Haha, should be fun.. :p
Chee Kit is participate!! Support him. Muahaha..

After class back home, nothing to do ended up Sleep again. I'm speechless..
Around 6pm, mom waking me up, ask me to fetch my little sis from school. Shit, it is distract the hell out of me. Can you believe I'm going out with boxer and tee? Haha! Sorry la, I'm tension on that time :D

Around 8, received a msg from Vinz saying that movie session at 9.40 pm cancelled due to some interruption by Mr.Yow!! Suddenly I feel like there is no tomorrow, I don't wanna stay at home for tonight!
End up, only vinz and I went to watch Michael Jackson This Is It at Berjaya Times Square :D Sounds gayish? Haha
I went to Taynton View fetch him then headed back to Times Square, sometimes for once nevermind okay... Ha-ha..

Actually, I got no idea when is this movie will be off from theatre. I thought people said that only for 2 weeks. Is it exceed 2 weeks already? Lol, Whatever but what I can say is, You shouldn't miss the chance to watch it.! It's Farrking worth and frankly, feel like crying looking at Michael Jackson in the movie. Lol. Sorry for being so emo la...

His dance, his move and the beat is totally so great. And I respect him when he lead the dancer, coached the dancer, adjusted every single beat and key with the composer and and his singing is really brilliant. King of Pop is not only a name okay, he did sacrifice a lot and contribute a lot in his career to lead the peoples who work with him.

He is so cool when singing Billie Jean along with his popping and moonwalk. Woohoo!! You rocks.!
MJ, God bless you, Rest In Peace :)

So, both of us trusted what Joseph told us, he said that after the credit of the movie, there is still something to watch, when people started to walk out from the theatre, both of us still sitting on our seat, seriously looks like idiot. Haha
Even the cleaner was looking at both of us, I guess he wondering why aren't us leaving yet. haha! The hall only left both of us looking at the screen. And yeah!! Luckily there is something to see. Ha-ha, MJ said that he wanted to go TOILET. :p

After fetching Vinz home, while headed back to my house, I "da bao" 2 lala zai who driving Kelisa and Myvi =.= Haha, I guess my buddy they all what it means by "da bao", faham-faham la okay?
Luckily Vinz is not in the car if not sure he kecoh already..
Please drive safe...

So, good night world.. I miss her right now..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fash fab # 17 CatBit Boutique @ Twentyone kitchen+bar

Last Friday, late on the evening, got an invitation from Xiang, asking me to join him for the fash fab at Twentyone bar. At first, I don't know what is that fash fab, I thought is 1 event where we've to sit down and listening to some speech.
After he sent me the event page in facebook, then I check out where the heck is the bar. Although used to pass by Bukit Bintang, but I got no idea where is "Changkat" Bukit Bintang, then apa lagi, Google Map :D
But still got a bit blur after that but I guess I know where is it. So I agreed to meet him at 9pm at Bukit Bintang KFC.
So is time to suffer where to park my car, Bukit Bintang is totally crowded and full of uncivilized peoples, dare not to park on the road side. At last park in Metrojaya's parking.

We enter the bar around 10 pm, and the bar is totally fucked up! Admission to the bar must at least 25 years old. Luckily, met Josh Lim, and he back us up then only get to enter.
Once reach, the fashion catwalk are about to start and I started to become kelam kabut.
Even there are not much space to stand or sit yet we're still taking photos :)

Ini dia Xiang, he said we look so gay. Ha-Ha..

And this is Alex...

Kristine, Coco, Alex, Xiang and I :D

And the black shirt guy is Josh Lim I mention earlier.

The event ended around 12 am, stand outside the bar for quite long, keep talk talk and talk.
End up, going back home. Overall, is a great night, get to know some new peoples from there, and Bloggers.. Haha

Oh ya, I guess I should tell something about the CatBit boutique. It is founded by Vincent Ng, a local entrepreneur who ventured into the fashion retail field and has built a chain of affordable fashion retail stores with steady growth just under 2 years.

Under CatBit, there are few brands located at Sungei Wang Plaza and Berjaya Times Square include CatBit, Refresh, Cova, Gazebo, Moment, I Boutique and Myth.

Check out CatBit Boutique Facebook Group at

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Reason

07 November 2009, 1.13 PM..
In this very sunny Saturday,
I've finally made the very first blog page ever in my life :D
I got no idea or any objectives why am I creating this page, Not even know what's the feel to be a blogger,
Maybe soon I'll realize and notice out. Ha-Ha..
But actually I got no passion to do all this, is just because of 1 of the buddy of mine, Joseph Lee Kin Weng, I guess he will feel glad that finally I've done something for him, is it? Haha.
Later on, I got no idea what to write already, maybe I shall drop something about my everyday routine? :D

I'm not a perfect person
There's many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I've found out a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you