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Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012 [We Were Warned]

14 Nov 09, Saturday

Received message from Kin Weng, ajak breakfast at Lot 10's newly opening food court.
Couldn't make it because wake up late and still at Jie Jong's house. Lol..
So meet up with him and Shi Kai at Pavilion around 1 pm.

Since they ate already, so I settle my first meal at KFC, fast food is fast enough. :D
While eating, I being suspect by both of them! I don't wanna say what they're suspecting but it ain't true with what they're suspecting. You guys are fucking douche! Hahaha
After KFC, move the Starbucks pulak.
It's not my cup of tea. I don't like coffee. Don't know enjoy.
While they enjoying their drinks, suddenly feel like it is still goddamn early, since 4 pm only watch movie at Cheras Leisure Mall with the rest, Haha..
What again???
Pool... =.=
Aiyoyo... Can't live without playing pool already is it? So headed to Fireball. Mr. Yow is joining. 4 of us playing for about 1 hour then rush to Leisure Mall

, why is it so jam on around Leisure Mall and the parking is full =.=
I wondering why and at last I know, is because 2012! There are many showtime at Leisure Mall and is a fucking long queue.. It's unbelievable this is happen at Leisure Mall. Haha.
Started to nervous because I look at my watch and is 4 pm sharp. I still looking for parking.
At last, saw 1 space at the road side which actually isn't a parking lot, but who cares! Its Saturday and I guess that space only can fit my car :p

Meet up with the rest in front of GSC. There are 10 of us include Yik Ysin. Lets consider as William's gf okay? Lol.
Thanks Wan Ting who get to bought the ticket for current Hot movie, 2012...

Shit, we were quite late that we miss the beginning part of the movie.
The hall is farking full. I thought many people will not watch this movie because they can't accept what will be happen to us in the future, or maybe in year 2012.. Lols

Does it really will happen in the 21 Dec 2012?
Actually I always wondering that because it seems quite true after I see this quote, First, the Mayan calendar predicted it...Now, science has confirmed it...but we never imagined it could really happen.. Haha
What you'll do? What you'll say??
Well, I still got a lot of thing haven't do in my life, so I guess I'll die with bunch of regrets. hahahaha.
After all, this movie is nice but doesn't impress me much because I feel the end part is quite fake.
Is it that highly technology ship exist? Are they developing in real life now? Lols..
I thought the end of the world means there is no humans are alive?
As Yow said, "I hate this movie because it got a happy ending"
Lols! He said not nice because there is still people alive =.=

I love the part when Jackson driving the limousine and escaping from the collapse of ground and buildings. Its fucking cool but of course, it is truly fake =.= I don't think it is so cool in real life.
Limo will became a pancake if this is happen in real life.
Anyway, I hope this day will not come so soon..
Halleluyah.. Appreciate every moment you're having now, especially with people that you love.

So after the movie, went to dinner at Kaki Corner. Sizzling Black Pepper Chicken :)
Shi Kai and Kin Weng starts fooling around with some japanese term.. Lols!
Speechless about that.
After dinner, Pool session AGAIN!!
What I can say is we're fucking crazy.
Suprisingly, CKC is joining us. He played very well. Haha

Okla, after playing pool, I'm exhausted, I wanted to back home while the rest heading to cyber cafe =.=
They're nuts!
That's all for my Saturday.. I used to love Saturday :D

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