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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bangkok Jazz Thai Bistro

20 Nov 09, Friday

Get invited by my kai ma to Bangkok Jazz bistro at Chulan square to watch the performance of local band, Common Ground, which 1 of my kai ma's relative is the drummer of the band.
Seriously, this is the 1st time I hear about this band. Lols, No idea how glamour are they..

It is located nearby Pavilion KL..

Well, environment of this bistro isn't big, but is quite chilling inside there and is suitable for people who wanted to drink and enjoying the musics. But if wanted to chit chat in there, I guess no.. LOL.

This is what to be used to design the bar. Lol..

Well, at first I'm feeling freaking boring,sitting next to my sister, she also stunning since she is 1st time going to this kind of place. Haha...
Guess what, I'm ordering Green Apple Fizz!! This must be kidding me when I looking at those Carlsberg bottles while I'm drinking other thing =.=

Can you see my 'like very enjoy' look?
Next to me that fella is my kai ma's nephew, well, I don't even have 1 word of conversation with him. Haha.. Whatever!

Anyway, I couldn't found any information about this Common Ground but I guess their perfoming not very bad, and I'm interested towards their pianist who called Bell Foo =.=
Same surname.. Muahaha.. She is goddamn gorgeous while she is playing the piano and wearing a full white dress. OMFG...
And her singing is very good especially when she is singing "Kiss Me" by don't know who, and Wen Rou by Mayday..
Holy Christ!! Stop talking about her. Haha...

And so, the drummer I've mention earlier on who is my kai ma's relative, He is playing the drum not bad too and he so called Bernard Kam, anyone know him? Lols..

Bernard Kam is the guy at the right. He is my kai ma niece's husband.

Later on, my mom and the gang include kai ma started their crazy thing when they started to talk very loud, dance and singing. LOL
And after that, the MC pull kai ma to the stage and singing Peng You by Emil Chau.. *applause* to kai ma..
That song used to be sang by kai ma when there is any meeting, dinner or party.. And then all the friends, which is those uncle and aunty include my mom will sing along. =.=

After sitting for so long, then mom's friend hand me a cup of beer :)
Good job la uncle...
After first cup, then 2, and then 3......

Yea, is this man... and he is showing me his China made phone, called NCKIA.. Haha! WTF?
Is better if its Nokai, but Nckia?
I guess the phone is only for CB Kia la.. Hahaha...
Yes, that man is a CB Kia..

My mom is getting tipsy... Can see through her eyes. Lol

Can you believe that I'm dancing with my mom, kai ma and other aunty? Goddamn, I'm a whore. Lols
But seriously they are all fucking sporting. I guess is they pull me and dance with them =.=
Even my kai ma said "this is the 1st time I hanging out and dance with my kai zai"

She is drunk.... Please don't make up so thick la mom. Haha... It's obvious.

God, she is hugging me so tight. Love you kai ma..

I can't stop looking at the Chivas in the cabinet.. :D Is better than beer okay..

So, after move move shake shake and drop, what my mommy said "Is time to leave"
So before leaving, Camwhore awhile.. Haha

Overall is quite fun but is better having party with mua peeps. Haha
And I can't believe my mom will drunk on that night...

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  1. then u got drunk?
    no wonder someone so bz lately la.
    forgot me~ :(