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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fash fab # 17 CatBit Boutique @ Twentyone kitchen+bar

Last Friday, late on the evening, got an invitation from Xiang, asking me to join him for the fash fab at Twentyone bar. At first, I don't know what is that fash fab, I thought is 1 event where we've to sit down and listening to some speech.
After he sent me the event page in facebook, then I check out where the heck is the bar. Although used to pass by Bukit Bintang, but I got no idea where is "Changkat" Bukit Bintang, then apa lagi, Google Map :D
But still got a bit blur after that but I guess I know where is it. So I agreed to meet him at 9pm at Bukit Bintang KFC.
So is time to suffer where to park my car, Bukit Bintang is totally crowded and full of uncivilized peoples, dare not to park on the road side. At last park in Metrojaya's parking.

We enter the bar around 10 pm, and the bar is totally fucked up! Admission to the bar must at least 25 years old. Luckily, met Josh Lim, and he back us up then only get to enter.
Once reach, the fashion catwalk are about to start and I started to become kelam kabut.
Even there are not much space to stand or sit yet we're still taking photos :)

Ini dia Xiang, he said we look so gay. Ha-Ha..

And this is Alex...

Kristine, Coco, Alex, Xiang and I :D

And the black shirt guy is Josh Lim I mention earlier.

The event ended around 12 am, stand outside the bar for quite long, keep talk talk and talk.
End up, going back home. Overall, is a great night, get to know some new peoples from there, and Bloggers.. Haha

Oh ya, I guess I should tell something about the CatBit boutique. It is founded by Vincent Ng, a local entrepreneur who ventured into the fashion retail field and has built a chain of affordable fashion retail stores with steady growth just under 2 years.

Under CatBit, there are few brands located at Sungei Wang Plaza and Berjaya Times Square include CatBit, Refresh, Cova, Gazebo, Moment, I Boutique and Myth.

Check out CatBit Boutique Facebook Group at

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