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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, my buddy..

19 Nov 09, Thursday

Happy Birthday to Ah Wong and Jie Jong...
Well, having the birthday celebration for both of them at Midah Oldtown..
But I feel like is more to celebrating Wong's birthday since the birthday song also sing to Wong only I guess =.=

BTW, I guess Ah Yap won't mind also since he is spending his big day with his loved 1.. :D
Congratulations for getting a new phone la bro.. Haha..

I realized we used to sit on the same table everytime we are celebrating birthday at Oldtown. Haha


The birthday boys.. I said they seems like a couple who celebrating 1st year anniversary :p Ai meh....

They should hold each other's hand and using only 1 knife lo.. Look more sweet I guess.

I guess this photo not bad gua.. Since you look so tough in here.. Haha..

And....... the fella who is always quiet and only know eat....

Yes! Is him!! Diam diam ubi berisi..

After celebrate their birthday, heading to Fireball with Jie Jong and Vinz.. Power pack la us..

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