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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michael Jackson's Tribute. He made my day with 'This Is It'

11 Nov 09, Wednesday

As usual waking up in the morning went to college, today just late for 20 minutes. *applause* for myself. Haha, but actually I'm still feeling sleepy.
Once enter the class, I just sat down and doing nothing while my friends they all are doing tutorial work =.=
I keep thinking about the presentation at 1.30 pm. My group members and I are not well prepared yet, but thanks to Weng Kit that he finished up the slide for presentation and at least there are something to present for the class.

But guess what, with the bad preparation and quite bad presentation, the lecturer said that my group gave the best presentation after all. LOL.. I stunned for awhile, I was like "omg, are she serious? She did lend her eyes and ears to us?"
Well, she was great, she did made a comment for every group.
For my group, she said "the presentation was good, starting from introduction and so on, the data and information was good, because you include the chart and statistic. And the data is updated which you all did put effort to find information for year 2009. Lastly, you all can answer the question that I asked"
Woohooo, big clap for Weng Kit, although he is so quiet from the day 1 I knew him, but I know he is more than that. Lol..

Anyway, my college organized "YPC Idol" again =.= Oh shit...
I hope I can get to watch the audition. Haha, should be fun.. :p
Chee Kit is participate!! Support him. Muahaha..

After class back home, nothing to do ended up Sleep again. I'm speechless..
Around 6pm, mom waking me up, ask me to fetch my little sis from school. Shit, it is distract the hell out of me. Can you believe I'm going out with boxer and tee? Haha! Sorry la, I'm tension on that time :D

Around 8, received a msg from Vinz saying that movie session at 9.40 pm cancelled due to some interruption by Mr.Yow!! Suddenly I feel like there is no tomorrow, I don't wanna stay at home for tonight!
End up, only vinz and I went to watch Michael Jackson This Is It at Berjaya Times Square :D Sounds gayish? Haha
I went to Taynton View fetch him then headed back to Times Square, sometimes for once nevermind okay... Ha-ha..

Actually, I got no idea when is this movie will be off from theatre. I thought people said that only for 2 weeks. Is it exceed 2 weeks already? Lol, Whatever but what I can say is, You shouldn't miss the chance to watch it.! It's Farrking worth and frankly, feel like crying looking at Michael Jackson in the movie. Lol. Sorry for being so emo la...

His dance, his move and the beat is totally so great. And I respect him when he lead the dancer, coached the dancer, adjusted every single beat and key with the composer and and his singing is really brilliant. King of Pop is not only a name okay, he did sacrifice a lot and contribute a lot in his career to lead the peoples who work with him.

He is so cool when singing Billie Jean along with his popping and moonwalk. Woohoo!! You rocks.!
MJ, God bless you, Rest In Peace :)

So, both of us trusted what Joseph told us, he said that after the credit of the movie, there is still something to watch, when people started to walk out from the theatre, both of us still sitting on our seat, seriously looks like idiot. Haha
Even the cleaner was looking at both of us, I guess he wondering why aren't us leaving yet. haha! The hall only left both of us looking at the screen. And yeah!! Luckily there is something to see. Ha-ha, MJ said that he wanted to go TOILET. :p

After fetching Vinz home, while headed back to my house, I "da bao" 2 lala zai who driving Kelisa and Myvi =.= Haha, I guess my buddy they all what it means by "da bao", faham-faham la okay?
Luckily Vinz is not in the car if not sure he kecoh already..
Please drive safe...

So, good night world.. I miss her right now..


  1. lol, i actually can go watch MJ This Is It with u guys... but i need preparation for audition la, practice makes perfect~ too bad~ :(

  2. Lols!!! Nvm la.. U buy dvd watch ba le.. Hahaha. Anyway good luck bro..