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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate. Stay strong like a tiger.

Hai.!! It's first day of Chinese New Year... I'm here wishing all Chinese and who ever celebrate a Happy Chinese New Year.

Have a prosperous and blessful year. Dress nicely, greet your family and relatives, friends and people around you :D

Go "bai nin" and get more red packet. Happy onitsuka TIGER year :D
And for those who celebrate without their family, don't be upset, look for me okay? Or invite me to bai nin at your house. XD

Well, I can't wait to drink till drop with my peeps, but sorry..... gamb session ain't suits me. If you all don't mind playing only Blackjack with me.. Hahaha!

BTW, I got a song clip here to share with everybody... It's by local artiste, AhNiu...

Enjoy and Happy Chinese New Year again..
I hope I get to see lion dance.. My favourite :D

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