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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Lovely Bones premiere screening

15 March 2010

I was invited by Mr. Joseph Lee to watch the premiere screening of The Lovely Bones at Cineplexes.
At first I've no idea at all what movie is that, I believe I don't even know how is that movie's banner look like. And I made a mistake before went to the movie, I never google it when I don't know what's that movie are about. But as I know it's based on a novel written by Alice Sebold
When I heard the title of the movie, I thought it is some kind of love story between a couple, and how they make sweet love. Haha.
First of all, let's look at the banner of the movie and get some idea what is the movie about.

Have it now??
It is the story of a teenage girl, Susie Salmon, who, after being raped and murdered, watches from heaven as her family and friends go on with their lives, while she herself comes to terms with her own death.
Gosh, I have to say the lead role as protagonist as Susie Salmon is Saoirse Ronan and she's goddamn pretty!! Although she's only 15 but she looks totally gorgeous and outstanding! Woot woot! C:
By the way, if you don't like a movie which is too much conversation, it's better not to watch it because I'm afraid you will say it's a freaking bore movie. Haha.

So after the premiere, gotta fetch 1 of the beloved peeps back to Cyberjaya, Shi Kai, since he has to headed back to his campus's hostel and he has class to attend on the next day. It's good too because I never been to Cyberjaya before, so there's no harm go there once in a while. Haha! God, I love the route to Cyberjaya ~ It's totally a straight highway with don't know how many kilometre far, no traffic light, less car (maybe because it's late at night) and probably ghost also can't be seen there. It's nice!! Shi Kai, I hope I can make it at least 220 km/h to meet you at Cyberjaya next time! Wakaka. Hell no, I don't wanna die so fast!
Thanks to Joseph Lee because he's the 1 who drives all the way there. C:

Kind of disappointed because there's not much entertainment in that city, I believe at night, most of the people there will only go for a drink or supper as their midnight activities at Cyberjaya. But there's a good thing too, it's peaceful there.
3 of us headed to Oldtown Coffee then, I didn't expect I'll be eating at there, but the Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun is tempting! Thanks to Joseph and Kai again, both of you get to persuaded me AGAIN! Lol. I hate the both chuu. Wakaka. So I ordered a bowl of it while Kai has already ordered the 2nd bowl! He is sick man ~
But frankly, the Hor Fun there was really farking delicious! I can denied but it was really better than Oldtown around KL especially Tmn Midah's 1.

There should be quite a number of photo taken at Oldtown, but till now I still couldn't see it, most probably Joseph Lee still not yet upload from his camera. Bruttha! I mau gambar la ~ LOL!
So that's one of my night in the holiday. Stay tuned. Cheers ~ ;)

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