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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Grand launch of The Opera

04 March 2010, Thursday

Thanks to Xiang a.k.a. Xiangcool.com upon his invitation to The Opera grand launching day. At first I thought I'll be going there alone but ended up I've invited JJ and YY to go along. Nice short form right? JJ and YY, stands for Jie Jong and Yung Yeh. LOL. It's easier for me to introduce the both of you to public.

Xiangcool is really quite cool when he got only 1 admission ticket but he can brought another 12 people along with him to enter =.=
Terima Kasi
h la bruttha. Haha.
Well, it's actually because his cousin sister is the organ
izer or something for the event on that night, so, yeah that is why.

Thank god we make it to the free flow period, but quite lau beh when the club is run out of beer =.=
And! The vodka is really.....super duper diluted kaww kawww! I couldn't taste vodka at all. Konon ribena vodka, ribena taste pun takde!
But okay la, stop complaining about it since it is free. C:

So this is the Xiangcool and Samuel :D

Actually the environment in there was not bad, with 3 seperate rooms and concepts, Main Room, The Long Lounge and The Red Observatory. It's cool right? Hehe.
There's quite a number of performance at that night include performance by ECX, Elect cold xhot, I don't know how it's spelled but is the Battleground Runner Up champion.

Here they are..

Girl she so dangerous, she so dangerous, she is a bad girl!!! C:

After awhile, we just lepak-ing at the rooftop floor.

A look from the above :D Sunway Pyramid

Bruttha, you okay or not? LOL

Okay, the night started to be so bored so we headed to Sunway Pyramid, got some big business to do there...

which is Pool!! Wakaka.

After that headed back to KL, fetch Yow back home then Jie Jong and I went to Genting Klang for supper, Charcoal hokkien mee!! C: Last but not least, we did went to 8 ball cafe at Genting Klang. Wakaka! Cheers ~

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