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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Legend of the Guardians!


And so there's gonna be another preview screening tickets giveaway of Legend of the Guardians by XiangCool and Adverlets.com which the screening will be on the 20th of Sept 2010 at Pavilion KL.

I wish to watch this movie as I've experienced the stunning graphic and motion of the movie Happy Feet which produced by Zack Snyder who were also the producer of Legend of the Guardians. Therefore, I really looking forward to watch this movie and probably wish to watch it in 3D to enjoy the fascinating graphic quality as well as the the uniqueness of the owls in the movie.

By the way, my favourite owl species will be the Eurasian Eagle Owl.


It is a species of eagle owl resident in much of Europe and Asia. It is also one of the largest type of owls. The reason that I took this type of owl as my favourite would probably because of its appearance. The eagle owl looks very fierce and powerful with its upright ear tufts. It's just so outstanding together with its orange eyes that make this a distinctive species. Probably if I'm the producer of Legend of the Guardians, I'll take this species of owl as the main character and the hero since it shows the angry, cool and patient expression. ;)

Lastly, do visit XiangCool's blog and write a post as I do to get a pair of tix to the screening!
Thanks to XiangCool and Adverlets.com.

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