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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hydraskins: Limited Edition APOLLO 18 laptop skin

Hydraskins came out with the exclusive limited edition Apollo 18 laptop skins worth RM80 and there's only 150 pieces worldwide. Oh yeah, it was kind of impressive that I'm one of the owner!


Here it is... the exclusive laptop skin. Thanks to XiangCool

So I'll be getting my HP Mini 10" netbook skinned and please allow me to show you how to do it. It's real simple.

Step 1: Wipe your gadget with clean cloth to remove any dust or dirt.


Step 2: Turn decal to the back and measure the desired size for your gadget. You can do marking on the grid that will make it convenient for you to cut.


Then you can cut away the extra length to fit your gadget perfectly.


Step 4: Peel decal slowly from edge.


Then, align centre of decal with gadget and place gently on gadget surface.

Lastly, with cloth, start rubbing from left to right in zigzag motion.


After you've done all those easy steps, you are now impressed by your own skinned laptop.


Pretty cool huh? :D


More amazing facts of this skin are: water resistant, scratch resistant, reusable and clean removal. You can always take it out whenever you want to and place it back anytime. There will be no trouble for you to clean your laptop's surface and it will not caused any marks.

If you're looking for more designs for laptop or gadget skin or even personalize your own skin, do visit the Hydraskins website at www.hydraskins.com

Last but not least, I'll be watching the premiere screening of Apollo 18 on the 7th September with the Hydraskins team and selected 30 bloggers. Damn excited. Woots.
By the way, the Apollo 18 movie will be showing in cinemas on the 8th of September which is around the corner. Don't missed it :)

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